Hello, My Name is Mia

(MEE - a)

UX Designer practicing user centric design process for a decade.

I’ve held a variety of professional design positions in the Fashion Industry in product development and as a Fit Specialist. My focus has always revolved around how the product connects with the user/customer.

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with "direct to consumer" brands, transitioning the shopping experience from “brick & mortar” to online shopping/e-commerce.


About My Process

Research and Prototyping

I have been responsible for model testing, product review, competitor research, and suggesting alternative solutions in order to support the design process.

Collaborative Solution Development

I work very closely with the product designer & factory to ensure the brand vision is executed, while adhering to manufacturing compliance and factory limitations. I was responsible for the "fit".

Product Analysis and Feedback

Once a product is sold, I follow up on customer feedback to ensure updates are made to existing & future products.


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