Project 2 : Gift Guide

Gift Shopping made easy with reminders, suggestions, and customization.

Gift Guide Main Photo

Timeline : 2020

Role : Project Owner

Skills : Marvel Pop, Sketch, Miro, Card Sorting 

Project Summary : Design and Test a Gift Guide for shoppers that combines calendar contacts to their shopping profile.

Challenge : Creating a database that allows for custom shopping and reminders so that shoppers could have gifts in time for the important day.

Strategy : Designing a site that would encourage customer to share their personal information, with the incentive of personalized gift suggestions matching their shopping/gifting parameters (price, timing, size, age, etc).



There were a variety of sites that catered to gifting process, but most catered to a specific niche: weddings, showers, etc.

To better understand the competitors, I broke them down into categories and compared information across sites.

  • Which devices were more likely to be utilized for gift shopping purposes?

  • How much information was required on behalf of the shopper?


Competitor Analysis - Digital Product Features

Competitor Research

Conversational Interviews

Conversational Interviews are a way of gaining access to an individual’s interpretations of their personal experiences & social world.

A recursive process is used in which researcher’s questions build on responses to previous questions, stories told by the same participant in previous interview, and stories told by other participants. Each individual and situation produces a unique agenda that allows the researcher to ground the research completely in the experiences of the participants.

Interviews for Gift Guide


When I first set out, I thought timing for gift shipping was the #1 reason gift shopping online was challenging. 

I learned through the interview process, people were not pressured by the timing, but the gift selection process. Shopping online gave customers endless options with very little information to help make a decision.


Customer Gift Shopping Journey

Journey Map - Gift Shopping

Customer Profile created to better understand the focus of the product.

Gift Shopping Profile Breakdown

Ideation & Setting Priorities

Mapping a direction


Focus while sketching

Getting the user to engage in the profile creation was key to successful testing.

I used the interviews to identify a list of features and priorities the user would require, and began to sketch up how the user would begin to connect their information inside a gift suggesting portal. 

I learned during the testing process about user permission, and access to their sensitive records and information.


Card Sorting Brainstorm


Gift Shopping Site Flow

Information Architecture

Testing the Product

Throughout the wireframe process, I like to identify clear flows and present users with a task:

"Sign up and Register for the Gifting Guide."

The goal of testing any product is to "break it". The initial frame of the project very quickly expanded, but remained simple in its approach.

Had I taken this project further, I would have liked to see how detailed the user could go to find the perfect gift for their loved one. 



Screenshot 2020-08-06 11.48.50.png
Wireframe using Sketch
Screenshot 2020-08-06 11.49.07.png
Screenshot 2020-08-06 11.50.21.png
Screenshot 2020-05-26 16.55.29.png

Final Outcome

Project Summary : This projected was concluded while attending General Assembly UX Design course. 

What I Learned : 

Personal Information and how that's shared is an important topic I learned about while researching the Gifting business. No matter how small the information is, it is important to ensure the customer always understands what information is being pulled, and how that information is utilized.