Project 4: Guestbook

Voice User Experience Applied to Home Sharing

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Project Summary : I designed an app and voice user flow that provides hosts and home sharing access to guests and tourist. 

Challenge : Integrate a voice activated guestbook for guests staying in your home or utilizing your office space. App is designed for the host to add information about their home to the system. Guest activate information from Alexa. 

Strategy : Research the variety of things guests ask for and create a user flow that allows hosts to clearly share with their guest. 

Observe guest behavior for common questions and concerns and adjustment practices in order to improve the voice integration flow.



Understanding Host & Guest


Many host already created guestbooks for their guest.

By researching the variety of items hosts include inside their guestbook I saw consistent information people were willing to share, and topics of interest to guest.


Brainstorming Categories

Guestbook Categories

Site Flow


I realized during the research process that many items listed inside the physical guestbook contained sensitive information that many host would like to remain private. 
So for the purpose of this project, I limited the voice activated information to information that host would prefer to keep between themselves and their guest.

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Guest Topics
Guest Topics

Conversation Flow Chart

Profile development & User Flows

When the host is not home, how do guest adjust to the new environment. In order to understand the conversational flow, I needed to understand how guest accessed the home, and what they would require to settle in.


Checking In Examples

By taking a look at the variety of ways in which a person may enter a home and address their host, we found a special prompts to fit each and every scenario.

"I'm Here!"

"I've Made it!"

"Checking in!"

When granted full access to the home, how do you arrive and greet your host?

VoiceFlow Conversation Mapping

Conversation Flow Using VoiceFlow


Setting Reminders

Guest are not looking to arrive at their "home share" and chat with Alexa. So keep the conversation short.

"One last thing..."

"Make yourself at home..."

"Before you go..."

The aim is to provide concierge experience without being overbearing. 


Conversation Flow Using VoiceFlow

VoiceFlow setting reminders

Setting Priorities & Prototypes

The App Development

Since every home and guest space is different, host needed a place to submit custom information about their home, and leave recommendations.


App Flow

Mobile App Flow

High Fidelity Mockups

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 1.48.01 PM.png

Establishing your home

I identified key areas every host will need to maintain and update over time: Profile/Account Info, Guestbooks, and their listed locations.

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Setting Preferences

It's important that the host is able to tailor the guest recommendations and rules to their home, and not the application.

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Final Outcome

Launching an App

Project Summary : I am exploring turning Guestbook into a full app in order to monitor its progress and continue following the user experience and conversation flow.

Score : This product will require voice and app integration.

Learnings : 

I would like to better understand the VoiceFlow app, because it's important to understand how and where visuals can help communicate with both host and guest recommendations that will make the home sharing experience easier.