Project 1 : Introducing Larger Sizes

Bombas research for new product initiative.


Timeline : 2018 - 2020

Project Summary : Extend size offering to include a variety of body types & understanding how that will be communicated in digital format.

Challenge : The plus size industry is a growing market with a variety of standards, complicating the shopping process. In order to successfully launch this product and build a satisfied following, we needed to understand the market while build quality products. 

Strategy : Collect sizing information about popular plus size brands and review product to check for accuracy and ensure shopping experience aligns. Align with brands that have paved the way for plus size.

Role : Senior Product Technical Designer - Responsible for research, compiling industry information to share online with customers, and ensuring product strategy aligns with customer shopping experience.

Key Stakeholders : Merchants, Product Manager, Production Team, Digital Designer



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Customers shop a variety of brands and are looking for clarity around sizing when trying a new brand. Without competitor research we will not be able to quantify product feedback and establish product strategy.

Through competitor research, I compared size standards listed on their site in order to come up with the Plus Size size standard for Bombas. This process accomplishes the following:

  • Understand sizing consistencies.

  • Quantify focus group feedback.

  • Identify how many sizes could be added to the assortment of product.


Competitor Analysis - Size Charts

Size Chart Competitor Analysis

"Fit" Model Analysis

Model Focus Groups & Prototype Strategy

I identified brands that aligned with our strategy and brought in a variety of models to provide sizing feedback. I measured each professional fit model prior to reviewing product, in order to quantify model feedback. Models provided expert opinions on:

  • Which brands delivered consistency in sizing

  • Which brands limited certain body types.

  • Validated competitor research and gave feedback aesthetic preferences.

Model Interview - Competitor Research

Model Size Comparison

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 8.16.05 AM.png

Understanding the Customer

Customer Profile Development

It was important to map the Plus size shopper's online user journey I sat down with a variety of women to online shop, and understand how and when they decided to make a purchase. I learned:

  • Customers relied on established sizing from competitors to determine which size to buy.

  • Customers used the product page information and model images to determine what is right for their body type.

  • Customers considered product running "small" to be a negative attribute.


Journey map capturing customer online shopping process.

User Journey Map - Shopping Experience

Size Charts & Product Details

Identifying Priorities

Once I identified the right size chart and the expectations of product dimensions, I could establish a size chart. 

This size chart would align with the selected fit model, and allow further product testing to confirm size accuracy.

The strategy around product sizing becomes a key milestone for cross functional teams to move forward with marketing, digital interfacing, and customer experience.


Size Extension Size Charts

Size Chart Capturing Brand Size definitions

Information Architecture 

Plus Size as a Business or Extension?

Many plus size customers have been marginalized, and therefore require clear product interfacing when sold online. With adjustments to the information architecture, the company could navigate any product adjustments along the development process.

 Plus size clothing can differ in the following ways:

  • Different pricing related to cost during manufacturing

  • Different fabrics - for highest quality comfort

  • Different product designs.


Current Site Category Breakdown

Screenshot 2020-08-05 16.43.32.png

Revised Site Flow by Category

Revised Site Flow

Final Outcome

Set to Launch 2021

Project Summary : The Plus Size Product Line will release between Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 across all categories.

Score : This product line will require customer feedback and shopping data in order to prove successful. With the information collected the company will be able to trace back to the pin point areas of improvement.

Learnings : 

No matter how much data you collect you must continue to test along the way.

Sizing is not about right or wrong, it's about the way a customer feels during the shopping experience. 

No matter how successful your competitor is, test their product in addition to your own in order to stand out.